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Twisted pair shielded cable

Product Details:

Brief introduction: the towline twisted pair shielded cable is mainly used for the installation of high-speed continuous reciprocating motion without strong stress release or forced guidance. It is widely used in drag chain system, industrial electronic system, automatic generation line, storage equipment, robot, fire control system, crane, CNC machine tool and metallurgical industry.

Product structure:

1. Conductor: Superfine fine twisted oxygen free copper wire

2. Insulation: high strength composite

3. Filling: tensile filling

4. Shielding: tinned braided shielding

5. Sheath: pur

6. Technical parameters: voltage: 0.3/0.3kv, test voltage: 1.5kV

7. Bending radius: fixed laying: 5 * cable outer diameter, mobile installation: 6-10 * cable outer diameter

8. Temperature range: fixed laying: – 40 ° C-90 ° C, mobile installation: – 30 ° C-70 ° C

Product features: flexible, wear-resistant, oil resistant, weather resistant, acid and alkali resistant, tensile, anti ultraviolet, flame retardant (optional), etc.



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