ROV cable neutrally buoyant tether with optic fibers

Product Details:

Product features:

1. Strong and durable

2. Waterproof depth 1000M

3. Stable signal transmission

4. Seawater corrosion resistance

5. It can bear 100kg tensile force

6. Customized, multi-core umbilical cable

7. Vulcanizable waterproof joint

Technical characteristics:

1. Special for underwater and pipeline equipment

2. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, service temperature – 20 ℃ – 120 ℃

3. Kevlar case

4. Tensile strength 300kg, breaking force 1t

5. The photoelectric hybrid cable and 485 communication cable can be customized. Can communication cable, etc

6. Zero buoyancy and negative buoyancy cables can be customized

7. It can be equipped with watertight joint, photoelectric slip ring, electric manual pay off winch and other accessories



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