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Low Profile Series

Product Details:


  • Remotely Operated Vehicle(ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle(AUV) systems
  • Underwater video, camera and lighting systems
  • 3 Diving equipment and systems
  • Sonar systems
  • Oil rig, offshore oil and gas, and renewable energy systems applications
  • Oceanographic systems and equipment


Customized Solutions

  • Customers can specify the specification, material and reserved length of supporting wires and cables
  • Customers specified main material of the underwater connector
  • Make systematic test plan for different application environment



Connector specifications and property

  • Voltage rating 600V DC/AC
  • Current rating 10A
  • Insulation resistance >200MΩ 4 Contact resistance      <0.01Ω


Connector material specification

  • Connector body Neoprene
  • Pin Gold-plated brass



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