3 cores Zero buoyancy cables

Product Details:

Unir Cable is able to design and manufacture Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) tethers. Power & signals are integrated into a cable structure, so ROV tethers can be used to transmit both electricity and signal. ROV tethers normally resort to coaxial and twisted pairs to achieve signal transmission. The cable which connects the underwater vehicle with the controller significantly affects its performance, so it must ensure stable signal transmission. The neutrally buoyancy helps vehicle run smooth with less water resistance and loading.

Product features
Cable waterproof more excellent

High flexible, oil resistant,

Excellent weather resistance

Wear-resisting, resistance to bend, tearing
resistance, can withstand the heavy external
mechanical forces

Faster accelerated speed and stronger Flexural
resistance than common flexible cable
Seawater corrosion resistance, salt fog, etc.

Laying travel long distance, more suitable forthe high frequency motion situation quickly
Stronger resistance to wobble



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