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Eight major offshore oil producing areas in the world

Compared with land oil, offshore oil can be exploited with higher risks, and the technical difficulty is also relatively increased. However, attracted by the charm of the sea, all difficulties can not prevent intelligent people from continuously exploring. So where are these mysterious offshore oil hidden?

  1. Persian Gulf

The offshore oil reserves in the Persian Gulf are the largest in the world. They are distributed under the jurisdiction of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and other countries. However, the reserves are mainly concentrated in the waters of Qatar and Iran. A major feature of the offshore oil and gas in the Persian Gulf is that most of them are located in shallow and offshore areas, with large reserves and little difficulty in exploitation, Natural conditions are unique.

  • The Gulf of Mexico lies on the southeastern edge of North America

Its shallow continental shelf contains a large amount of oil and natural gas. Submarine oil in the Gulf of Mexico is mainly distributed in the Gulf of Campeche in the southwest, Texas and Louisiana in the United States. Its proven oil reserves in ahong Campeche Bay are nearly 5 billion tons and natural gas reserves are 360 billion cubic meters.

  1. Beihai Oilfield

Beihai oilfield is a North Sea undersea oilfield between the northwest of the European continent and the island of Great Britain. It is rich in oil and gas resources. It is an important oil and gas producing area in Europe. The undersea oil reservoir ranks third in the world after the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Maracaibo.

  • Lake Maracaibo

Malacaibo lake is located in Venezuela. It is the largest lake in South America. It is rich in oil resources. It is a world-famous oil lake. It is said that the bottom of the lake is buried with “US dollars”.

  1. Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is located at the inland junction of Europe and Asia. It is not only the largest lake in the world, but also the largest salt water lake in the world. It is rich in oil resources. Oil and natural gas are the most important resources in this region

  • Gulf of Guinea, West Africa

The Gulf of Guinea, the largest Gulf in Africa, is rich in oil resources in more than 10 coastal countries and adjacent areas. About 80% of the oil reserves are distributed in the waters under the jurisdiction of Nigeria and Angola, and the deep-water oil and gas resources in West Africa account for 45% of the gasoline resources in West African waters.

  • Arctic

In the north pole of the earth, the United States and Russia discovered the existence of oil and gas fields in the waters of this region in the 1960s.

  1. Brazil deepwater oil and gas

As the largest country in South America, Brazil once had very little oil, but all this has been reversed with the discovery of several super oil fields. In 2007, Brazil discovered deep-sea oil fields with reserves of up to 5-7 billion barrels in the sea basin near Rio de Janeiro.

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